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Australian Poet | Matt C. Murdoch

Blueprint for New Beginnings 



I keep reading your poetry when I have a chance. I can’t describe what I feel, it deeply touched me. In Love Restored, I could feel my German Shepherd’s cold nose on my neck while reading


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Dear Reader,

Whilst I have written poetry throughout my life, it has only been in recent times that a full poetic voice - seeing life with a new clarity - has come to me.

It came on the bright side of a return journey into the depths of myself, which was necessary to take the unquantifiable blankets of intergenerational family Karma, back to their roots. Back to my roots.

Some may not need a journey of this nature and scale to reattune the life energy and synthesise the shadow lands. For me it was a necessary task of nine years of analysis, of loneliness so deep you could hear time echo, and of the turning of rocks I once thought unmovable, buried deep behind the door I dared not enter. It was only in understanding the past, and in turn the patterns that became the future, that allowed me to live more fully in the present. This opened within me a deep sense of life adventure, meaning and purpose.

Whatever journey is required to slow your heart, broaden your love, and dethrone your ego - I pray that you take it. The reflections and life experience documented here, are offerings of pause and reflection. I look forward to hearing your stories in return.

With blessings,


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